6 Things Successful People Do During Their Lunch Break


Munchin’ on your luncheon might be a healthy habit, depending on how, what, and where you eat.

Different people have different habits in the way they spend their time during lunch breaks. Some may choose to go to a nearby café while others may choose to chit chat with a colleague or two.

Some of the I-totally-love-my-work, professional-nerds might still be stuck to their chairs, trying to complete a task or two.

Do Your Lunch Plans Matter?

Believe it or not, several surveys have indicated that lunch break eating habits have drastic effects on a person’s success at work. Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author says, “Successful people treat it (lunch break) like the half-time show at a football game — an opportunity to regroup and consider how they’re going to play out the rest of their day.”

Here are 6 Things That Successful People Do During their Lunch Break:

  1. Make Plans: Successful people like to make plans during their lunch break hours. This is a great time to reflect on what you have done already and plan out the rest of the day accordingly. If you have your tasks in mind, you won’t have to rush into them once your lunch break is over. For example, if you have a meeting right after lunch, it would be better to plan on being on time for the meeting instead of thinking about it after your break is over.
  2. Actually Take Time Off: Maybe the professional nerd glued to his seat isn’t doing himself a favor by sticking to his work, non-stop. Successful people know when it’s time to take a break. Not taking time off actually reduces productivity levels for the next few hours of work. The little time you get during your break is enough to get your mind off of work for a while, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated by the time you’re back.
  3. They Eat Right: Scarfing down your lunch is a big no-no. Unfortunately, many people do it because of the little time they get for lunch. Successful people tend to adopt what nutritionists call “healthy eating habits”. This involves eating the right amount of food (not too much and not too less), eating the right kind of food (burger every day? Not a good idea!), and eating at the right speed. Not eating healthy can contribute to increased stress levels and reduced ability to focus after lunch.
  4. They Exercise: Okay, I don’t mean they go to yoga/tai-chi class while they’re at work (although it does happen in some work places!). The idea is you need to get off of your chair and get moving. Sitting constantly at your desk causes eye strain, neck and back pains. It also increases chances of gaining weight. If you’re a desk-worker, you need to make sure you move and walk around during your break time to give your body the exercise it needs. Successful people make sure they keep their ergonomics in check and they have that insane love for exercise.
  5. Connect with Others: The work-eat-work-leave schedule is not a good idea if you want to get far where you work. Success at work also largely depends on how well you network with your colleagues, manager, or supervisors. Try to get to know as many people as you can at the workplace. You never know who might turn into a useful friend one day! After all, they are your co-workers and know what you go through every day. Many organizations such as Apple Inc. assess an individual worker’s performance based on what the team says about them. You will also get a chance to learn new things about your organization or industry through your colleagues.
  6. Catch up with some personal tasks: Successful people sometimes like to utilize their break by doing tasks they wouldn’t be doing at work. For example, making personal calls, writing personal emails (or text messages), writing thank you notes, etc. The idea is to accomplish tasks that you don’t get the time for (or aren’t allowed to do) during your work schedule.

What’s Your Lunch Plan?

Everyone has to eat, right?

But successful people know that their lunch break isn’t just a time to eat.  It’s a time that can make the difference between an average and successful person.

So, what’s your lunch plan today?

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