5 Tips on How to Delegate Work Effectively to your Virtual Assistant

5 Tips on How to Delegate Work Effectively to your Virtual Assistant5 Tips on How to Delegate Work Effectively to your Virtual Assistant

To work with your Virtual Assistant effectively, you need to become a master delegator. It sounds like a simple thing to do but from experience this is a big hurdle for many individuals and business owners. –

The art of delegation is essential for business growth and when done correctly, will save you time and money. Doing everything yourself not only overworks and stresses you but can also cause you to miss important deadlines. It will limit growth in your business as you then become the jack of all trades and wearer of multiple hats: – sales consultant & marketing professional, data entry and administration specialist, bookkeeper and business owner.

The question we all ask ourselves, “how will my Virtual Assistant do the work just the way I want them to?” Well the answer is effective communication.

Here are a few ideas on how to delegate work effectively to your Virtual Assistant:

  1. Determine the tasks you will delegate to your Virtual Assistant. For example: ‘scrubbing’ of my database or updating and mailing out my e-newsletter. Then break these tasks down into small points and easy to chew bits. How you want the task to be completed, when do you need it by, what are the parameters, programs to use?
  1. Communicate the task – describe exactly what you need your Virtual Assistant to do:

What is the task? – Clearly define the responsibilities of the task and what is required of your VA.

What is the objective of the task? – Explain the objective or context for the task.  Let your VA know why the task needs to be done and its importance.  That way, should a problem arise, your VA will know how to navigate through the situation without bugging you on the tiniest detail.

When do you need the task completed? – Give realistic deadlines that one can meet.  Setting out unrealistic deadlines will only disappoint you and your VA.

How do you want the VA to go about the task? – Allow for creativity and variations in work style and keep your focus on the final result and not on how the job gets done. A Virtual Assistant will find the most efficient way to complete your task.  However, if you have a specific process that you would like your VA to follow, let them know.

What are your expected results? – These should be realistic attainable and consistent given the deadline requested.  Be able to articulate what you want, not just want you don’t want.

The more information you give, and the clearer you are, the better the work outcome will be.  Give examples, share the templates you want your VA to use, let them know your processes if there is something specific.

  1. Open communication channels and support. Be open to responding to questions your VA may have regarding the task. If you require your Virtual Assistant to use a specific software or website, be ready to provide high level support the first time you delegate the task.  Any clarification question your VA asks allows you to gauge if your VA is on the same page as you.  There’s nothing better than getting the job done the first time round.
  1. Establish checkpoints – Let your VA know when you would like to receive updates to check in on any work in progress. GVS VA’s usually send reports whenever time is spent on a task, either at the end of a working day, every two days or at the end of each workweek.
  1. Give feedback when you receive a status report – Your VA will send you regular updates to allow you to check in on work in progress. Your feedback will let your VA know that they are on the right or wrong track. That way, any questions or concerns that need to be addressed can be resolved early on and reduce any rework.

Delegating may seem daunting and more work initially but when you master the art of delegating and start trusting that your Virtual Assistant can do the work for you, you can focus on what’s important and free up your time.

We hope that with the tips above, you’ll gain more confidence in working together with your Virtual Assistant to get the results you want.




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