12 Apps You’ll Need For Your Apple Watch To Make Life Easy

12 Apps You'll Need For Your Apple Watch To Make Life Easy12 Apps You'll Need For Your Apple Watch To Make Life Easy

Apple Watch day is almost here. The highly-acclaimed wearable device from Cupertino will be delivered to early users on Friday, and the world awaits the initial response from its first real users.

Throughout the past few weeks, there’s been a flurry of speculation about what using the watch will be like and the various apps that will be available for the watch when it launches. The app ecosystem was a key component of what made both the iPhone and iPad successful, and it appears to be the case with the Apple Watch as well.

In honor of the 12 hours (or more) you spend racing the clock each day, here are 12 Apple Watch apps that I think will help you get through your day efficiently:

  1. TL;DR

This email app, designed to help you quickly filter through your emails and also help you keep your emails short, will feel right at home on the watch. After all, on an Apple Watch, all email is too long.

The app leverages dynamic notifications on the watch to present the relevant information you need, such as short previews so you can quickly get the gist of the message. With such limited screen real-estate, this is key to making email functional on the watch. Also, unlike Apple’s own mail solution for the watch, you can actually reply using TL;DR via simple responses such as a thumb’s up.

  1. Todoist

This simple but powerful to-do list app makes it easy to keep track of the tasks you need to accomplish throughout your day. Now, with an upcoming Apple Watch app, you will be able to see your to-do list quickly and easily right on your wrist.

Imagine going from home to work and back, being notified of the tasks you need to accomplish as you go about your regular routine. With the watch, it’s a much more natural experience; you don’t have to constantly pull out your phone–the reminders live right there on your wrist. You will also be able to mark tasks as complete with just a few taps.

  1. WatchMe88

WatchMe88 is here to leverage the power of a wearable device and bring people together. This app is one of the first apps that was built for the Apple Watch and wasn’t available on the iPhone first. It allows you to set your watch to glow when you’re available to meet new people, letting it serve as a real-life status of your availability.

You can also set it to only light up when you’re near another WatchMe88 user, providing a serendipitous way to meet new people. The two options provide a versatile solution to what has become an all-too-challenging task in our tech-connected, online world. The app makers hope to change the way we interact with each other–they want technology to enhance human interaction, not replace it.

  1. IFFT Do Button

The versatile service that lets you put together different combinations of actions has earned a name as a go-to service for makers and hackers, but also for anyone looking to tie together the different services and connected devices in their lives. The IFFT Do Button, on both iPhone and Apple Watch, provides users with a streamlined interface to access IFFT. Just scroll through a list of available actions, such as “turn on the coffee machine” or “turn up the temperature on NEST.”

With pre-made recipes, it’s easy for users to find actions ready-to-go. You don’t have to build your own, even though that’s certainly still an option. The button opens open a whole new world of possibilities including controlling multiple devices in your home from your watch.

  1. My Diet Coach

One of the most popular dieting apps for iPhone, My Diet Coach has now made a special calorie and water counter for the Apple Watch. With just four simple buttons, the app is the perfect companion for a wearable device and ties in with the idea of quick interactions with the watch, letting users add food with just a few taps. This is the most critical part of calorie counting–making sure you add the calories as you consume them.

In addition, a glance helps users track their calories throughout the day. This ties in nicely with Apple’s own fitness monitoring on the device, and you will be able to see not only how many calories you are consuming, but also how many you are burning, right from one device.

  1. Daily Bread

Grocery shopping can be surprisingly difficult especially when you try to remember all of the items you need to purchase. Fortunately, Daily Bread has built an easy-to-use system to help you remember everything you need to pick up at the store. In addition, the app is smart and will anticipate what you need to buy when items are running low. With the Apple Watch, your list will always be accessible and never more than a glance away. So the next time you go grocery shopping, your watch can help ensure you don’t forget to buy bread.

  1. Yo

The Apple watch is all about simplicity, and there’s nothing quite as simple as this app that lets you send its eponymous one-word message to your contacts. In fact, it seems like Apple almost took a page from Yo’s playbook with its ultra simple watch-to-watch tap messaging system. With Yo on the watch, you can pick the notifications you want to receive on your wrist.

When you get a Yo with a link or a location, you can quickly take a look to see what it’s all about. There are already several Yo accounts that are ready for the watch and more are sure to come. With the content already designed for simplicity, Yo seems like it could be a killer app for the Apple Watch.

  1. Green Kitchen

The one thing that keeps many people from using their iPhones or iPads as cooking companions is the fear of the inevitable mess it can create. However, with a wearable (and somewhat waterproof) device, it feels more natural. Green Kitchen allows you to follow along with a recipe and provides key updates at the right moment, so you don’t have to turn away from the stove or worry about burning something. Your recipe is just a quick glance to your wrist away.

  1. Day One

Billed as a simple journal for iOS, the app is designed to let you keep track of your life through short entries that you upload as you go about your day. You can jot down quick notes, add photos, and even check-in to locations that pertain to your entry.

As the app comes to Apple Watch, you will have an even simpler and faster way to add short snippets about your life. Importantly, the app will allow you to dictate an entry, allowing you to preserve every moment of your day, even when you don’t have access to a keyboard or touchscreen.

  1. Alo

Traveling is fun, but language barriers can be a pain. Alo is a simple translation app that lets you choose a phrase and see it translated. You can also quickly speak a phrase and have that translated. The translated phrase will pop right up on the watch so you’ll know exactly what to say. With a translator right on your wrist, you might feel like a traveler right out of Star Trek.

  1. Uber


This was one of the most referenced apps in the first round of reviews for the Apple Watch and was featured prominently in the launch event for the device. The car service has made huge strides with its incredibly simple and convenient service, and the watch app looks to take that convenience to a whole new level. What could be more simple than ordering a ride with single tap on your wrist?

  1. RunKeeper

Right after the Apple Watch was unveiled, this popular run tracking app announced it would be providing an Apple Watch integration. Details remain slim, but the ability to quickly view running stats from your wrist is an enticing possibility for frequent runners. With many runners accustomed to dedicated running watches, this app could also have the possible effect of helping to disrupt an entire market of GPS and fitness watches.

Of course, this is just a hint at the flood of apps that are coming to the watch. Developers seem excited for the new platform, but it remains to be seen what the winning formula is for such a small device.



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