The 7 Most Kickass, Time-Saving Study Tools for Any Student

The 7 Most Kickass, Time-Saving Study Tools for Any StudentThe 7 Most Kickass, Time-Saving Study Tools for Any Student

As a student, I fully understand the importance of being time-efficient while studying.

The last thing you want is to be caught up with backlogged work or run late with assignments that need to be completed. Have I ever been a victim of this? Most definitely. And I’m quite sure that I’m not the only one. There are a good number of students out there who are very poor at time management and this ultimately affects their performance in class and during exam time.

These are the students who work hard but find it perplexing when they don’t perform as well as they expect. The trick isn’t working hard, but working smart. Studying doesn’t have to turn you into a book worm, nor does it have to consist of long hours of burying your head in books. Studying requires a smart approach to achieving academic excellence. This brings me to the tools I often share with students on how they can save time in their studies and end up with stellar grades.

  1. Rescue Time

We tend to doubt about our own time management skills. I personally had problems making the most of my time. Once I got introduced to Rescue Time, everything changed. This tool was perfectly designed to help those who normally question themselves as far as time management is concerned. The app sends users weekly reports highlighting the things that take up most of their time—that way, it gives you an idea of how you could better manage your time.

  1. Remember The Milk

This app is ideal for people who work with many devices in a given day and have problems managing their time. Remember The Milk is free and compatible with mobile devices, Outlook, Gmail, and your PC, so it’s easily accessible no matter where you are. The tool helps you manage your time effectively by reminding you of your tasks when you’re at home, work, school, or on the go.

  1. Dropbox

Have you ever attempted to share a huge file, but couldn’t? Did you end up wasting an hour or two (or the whole day, for that matter) trying to? Guess you’ve never heard of Dropbox. This tool is designed to help you send and share large files without having to go through the struggle of maximum file sizes. Compared to other apps of its kind, Dropbox is the best—it’s free and super easy to use. With Dropbox, you can access your files from any device that allows for document sharing, so it’s highly accessible.

  1. OpenStudy

Are you struggling with your homework? Do you need help but can’t find anyone to lend a hand? If you want to get your homework done and socialize at the same time, OpenStudy is the tool that you need. It’s made up of a community of open-minded students who are simply there to help one another. Stress over assignments no more—just ask your fellow students any question and they’ll come to the rescue.

  1. EssayMama

EssayMama is a hub full of valuable resources that can assist you as far as time management is concerned. This online essay writing service is dedicated to helping students who have trouble writing their assignments, but they also offer other helpful services such as:

Enjoy all the above services and get witness for yourself how well you’ll improve in not only writing your assignments, but managing your time while doing them.

  1. Quizlet

I’m the kind of person who loves learning with flashcards, so I found this tool very helpful. The thought of having to walk around with cards used to drive me crazy until when I saw what Quizlet can do for you. This web resource also allows you to make and share your own cards at your own convenience. You can also use the platform as a resource centre; there are tons of pre-made cards in nearly any subject, which is great for revision purposes.

  1. Khan Academy

Anytime I come across a math genius, I swell with envy because I’m nowhere near being one. The only consolation I get is knowing I’m not the only one! There are many students who struggle with math, and this site is a great resource that features videos and exercises for students who need extra help. Khan Academy also offers lessons in other subjects if you’re interested in broadening your scope of knowledge. Don’t let math give you nightmares.

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