People with excellent skills in time management have higher chances of being successful in life compared to their counterparts who are not blessed with these specials skills. There are various benefits of having such benefits to you as an individual or business. Generally, you will get more of your work done successfully. You need to stop being reactive in life and begin working productively towards your set goals. With good time management skills, you will not waste any of your time at all and you will have an ability to manage all your resources in the best way possible. It becomes easier to handle all your tasks within a short period of time giving you enough time to relax, enjoy life and even shift to the next activity. This article gives you some of the most important tips on how to manage your time well and get the most out of it

  1. Always award a priority to every piece of work that comes your way and ensure you stick to it. Most people work in a funny manner, they are busy all day long trying to accomplish everything which comes their way without taking time to plan or even think about the cause of action. To be effective and successful in your work, take at least 10 minutes every morning and write down all the tasks that you need to undertake that day. Identify them by their value and urgency. Avoid spending lots of your time on less important or non-urgent tasks just because you enjoy doing them or because the most important and urgent tasks seem boring and daunting. This is a common mistake found in most people.
  1. Avoid all kinds of interruptions when handling your high priority tasks. Some tasks demand concentrated effort and a slight interruption will make you lose all your focus and energy to perform them. Try to work in an environment which is quiet and conducive for what work in an environment which is quiet and conducive for whatever you are doing. For example, if you are working on an urgent report, choose a good room free from noises of other employees or even your friends. Focus on the report until you are done. Trying saying no to any kind of interruptions and watch how your efficiency and output will increase with time.
  1. Learn to say no to some requests that are unreasonable or those which really belong to someone else. Writer Edwina C Bliss in his book “Getting Things Done” states that the most effective time saving technique is the frequent use of the word “no”. The ability to say no even to your boss at times is an assertion skill which you need to develop. This is because some people can take advantage of you and bombard you with some unnecessary tasks which will consume your most valuable time.
  1. NEVER put off tasks which seem daunting or uninteresting. Almost everyone is an expert at procrastination which is a very dangerous disease. Most people tend to believe that it is easier to postpone something unpleasant than tackling it immediately. This is wrong since it just makes task more unpleasant limiting the chances of every doing it. Learn to start your day with the most difficult and unpleasant tasks as these are more likely to be the most valuable to your life. After you have completed them, it will be very easy for you to handle the other simpler tasks.
  1. Never allow your working environment to become disorganized or messy. A messy environment creates frustration, a perception that you not getting anywhere towards your goals and distraction when you are trying to focus on a particular task. You will spend a lot of time trying to locate an item which should be normally easy to find. To avoid this, make a good filing system and arrange all the items in your environment properly.
  1. Delegate some activities. If someone can do some of your activities, give them a chance to. Do not keep all the work for yourself as you will not be able to achieve a lot. Delegating some tasks will leave you enough time to handle your most important and sensitive tasks which will make you more productive.

These tips will help you achieve more and become more successful as your time will be well spent. This in turn will help you achieve your goals efficiently.

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  1. Good post. Now that I’m self employed full time, I have cltopeme control of my flow as you call it. I exercise almost every day around 1 or 2 pm. Usually in an office environment this is when I want to take a nap. I’d rather use my time working when I know I’ll be the most productive. Good post and an interesting subject to think about.

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  4. If nothing else, we still have the freedom to speak out on these things, without fear of being arrested or taken out and shot. (For now, anyway.)Don't despair, and don't give up!

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