Do I Have To Do Everything Around Here!

Do I Have To Do Everything Around Here!Do I Have To Do Everything Around Here!

Quite often when I’m talking about delegation – I’ll hear the comment “Oh, but I’ve got no one to delegate to” or “Everyone ‘delegates’ to me”.  Sometimes this might be the case, there really is no one else that can do the work but quite often there are ways and means.

If you run your own business – you can still delegate or outsource tasks that you either don’t want to do or aren’t your main skill or area of expertise, to other people.  You don’t need to employ people to do this, you can outsource the task and add people to your ‘business support team’.

– A book-keeper to keep your accounts up to date.
– A virtual assistant to do some of the paperwork, invoicing or deal with emails or social media.
– An admin person or office junior to help with paperwork, filing and data entry.
– A printer for your graphic and printing requirements.
– A web designer to update your website.

Anything that costs you more to do (in real terms) than it would to pay someone else to do – can and should be outsourced.  This gives you more time to focus on the important tasks that only you can do.

This doesn’t just apply in business – you might feel you’re chief cook and bottle washer at home but you can delegate there too.

– Delegate tidying up and a few simple household chores (get your partner and children involved)
– Delegate some of the gardening tasks – mowing the lawn, hedge-cutting to gardening services.
– Delegate DIY tasks – you know, the one’s you always put off – painting, decorating.

Even if you are the person who ends up with all the work or there really is no one else you can delegate to, it’s useful to know how to delegate effectively.

Know and understand the who, what, where, when and how – ask the right questions to make sure you know what’s being expected of you and to make sure the task gets done.

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