Respect the End of the Meeting

Respect the End of the MeetingRespect the End of the Meeting

I was recently in a meeting with about a dozen people.

The meeting’s end time arrived, and yet the meeting didn’t end.

In fact, it just kept going. The individual speaking kept droning on. People started getting uncomfortable in their seats and shuffling their belongings.

Have you ever been in a meeting that just wouldn’t end?

When Is The Meeting Over?

When do your meetings end? When the clock says it’s over? Or when people stop talking?

If you let them, meetings will continue indefinitely. They will expand to fill any amount of time you give them. I have seen 1 hour meetings turn into whole day affairs.

In my recent meeting episode, the speaker just kept talking. He acted like he was in a congressional filibuster, and I guess he figured if he didn’t stop talking that everyone would be forced to stay.

After a few minutes of awkward shuffling in chairs, people finally gave up. They got up anyway and departed while this individual continued to speak.

It wasn’t that they were trying to be disrespectful to this person. In fact, the speaker was being disrespectful to all of the attendees present.

“Be respectful of everyone’s time and end the meeting on time.”

Just because you are mis-managing your time doesn’t mean that every else should, too. Just because you have another 10, 15, or 60 minutes to waste doesn’t mean everyone else in the room (or on the line) does. If there are additional discussions to be held, then schedule additional time at a later date, or get with people one-on-one for individual needs.

Ending the meeting on time and let everyone get on with their planned day.

Respect the End (of the Meeting)

You must be diligent to end your meetings at the allotted time or they will continue as long as you allow.

Respecting the end of the meeting also respects others that are in attendance.

Always end your meetings on time.

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