Ways to reorganize your life and work

Ways to reorganize your life and workWays to reorganize your life and work

All of us know that person, that somehow manages a trillion different things and still stays healthy, fit and is always on the look out for new projects and endeavors. Not to mention that they still got time for kids, family and sometimes even run a small business on the side coupled with daily job (which is demanding, but they enjoy it immensely nonetheless). But how is it possible?

Most of us are inspired by those hard working man and women, but the question still stands, how a single person has enough time to do everything?
We all share the same clock, there’s no secrets or tricks that help you work around it. Hence why, their approach is rather straightforward but effective:

*Be organized.

*Be focused on what you want to achieve.

*Think how you manage your time, and try to improve it.

If you strip it down to a basic level, that’s pretty much all there is to it. But we’ll go a bit in depth and will elaborate on a few things that’ll help you on your journey.

1. Keep your goals realistic.

A lot of people fall into the same trap over and over again when they try to make significant changes in their lives based on abstract idea or plan. There are numerous reason to re-organize, you have to know exactly which one is making you do it. Doesn’t matter what goal you set for yourself, as long as it’s fully formed and obtainable with simple but thought out actions on daily basis.

2. Rework your schedule in a way that helps you focus on the most meaningful priorities.

Schedule is a reflection of your objectives, ambitions and intentions. Say, as of this moment your main objective is to get your health in order. So you mark a certain hour, every day to go to the masseur or gym. Now you have to schedule this time and go. It work the same for nearly every other thing, breakfast time at work, hanging out with your friends and so on.

It’s widely recommended to schedule every minute of your next day the night before. It allows you to not waste time between your undertakings and also magnifies your productivity. Besides, it will help you control the time you devoting to creative efforts.

3. Automate what you can.

Convenience is king. There’s a lot of things that you are better off not doing by letting someone or something to take over it. Automated payments for your bills, groceries and shopping in general, food preparation, software updates, household keeping and the list goes on. When you realize how much time you essentially waste on all of these things, you won’t think twice before ordering food or hiring help.

4. Try out new methods and get a different perspective on things.

As an example we’ll take one of the most popular, yet thought provoking ‘guides’ to organizational overhaul by Marle Kondo. It might seem a bit silly at times, but people who tried and stuck with it, were strongly supportive of its results.

Her method is simple, but neat: if there’s something in your life that doesn’t brighten your day anymore, whether it’s a cloth you wear or some techy devices, get rid of it. When you are done with that, reorganize what’s left to fit your life in the most efficient way. This method also teaches you how to respect your belongings and how to thank said items for their service prior to discarding them and giving a better treatment to the ones you keep. (“Let me state here and now: Never, ever tie up your stockings. Never, ever ball up your socks.

I pointed to the balled-up socks. “Look at them carefully. This should be a time for them to rest. Do you really think they can get any rest like that?” LINK – http://www.freebooksol.net/4110/22.html)

5. Keep your ambitions in check and don’t spread yourself too thin.

When you are finished applying the Marle Kondo method, take a break. Perhaps a day or two. This will help you to adapt to your new, clean environment and to familiarize yourself with a new found respect for everyday items. When dust settles, start trying to execute organizational goals one by one, don’t rush into things.

As far as we know it takes about 20 days for a new habit to set in, doesn’t matter what it is (workout routine, studying or going to work every day). So, as we mentioned above, pace yourself, there’s no need to rush.

6. Eliminate distractions

At this day and age, technology is a cornerstone of life. Social media, various games, shops and all around happenings are nearly endless, the rabbit hole goes really deep. And having all of that in your pocket is a greatest test (and often, it honestly feels like mockery) of your will and focus. Even the most successful people are prone to it, there’s no shame in that. But you have to limit your access to it, put away your phone.

You can schedule your time for social activities. Because otherwise it will almost always lead to something like this: “just going to check this one IM, and i’ll be back to work in no time”, then 2 hours later you have a pile of tasks at your hand, but barely any energy to even sit straight, let alone do anything meaningful. So be very careful with things like these, it might seem small, but it can stop your progress dead on its tracks.

7. Communication is key, and the most efficient way to do it is simply talking.

If possible you should always make a phone call, or just go down a hall and talk to a co-worker straight on. Doesn’t really matter if the subject is really important or not, you just waste less time by talking to a person instead of waiting for a response in e-mail or IM form.

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