Jupiter Time Logger

Jupiter smallTime is probably the only resource in our life that is impossible to replenish. You can re-earn spent money, diseases can often be cured, but lost time cannot be returned. Effective usage of time is quite an important aspect of our lives that not everybody pays attention to. In order to correct your time costs, information about its actual usage is vital for analysis and for finding reserves.

The person who decides to change his or her life and find more time for family, for sport or for hobbies needs to expend the effort and gradually work on how he or she spends that non-renewable resource. Conducting continuous fixation of time costs could be carried out using a mobile phone – the only thing modern human beings never part from. The day has only 24 hours, but if you start to effectively allocate your time, you will notice quite soon how each day brings you that saved hours that you really need.

The application is designed for self-collection of continuous time costs by given activity type. This is done by the user himself via mobile phone. Given enough data over a period of time, statistics are generated and the user can explore how much time he or she spends on different activities. The user defines the way in which he or she wants to adjust the future investments of time. To adjust the amount of the spent time, the user can configure notifications via type of costs while reaching necessary maximums by the total duration of activity in a given period (week/month) and duration of continuous session with one action. There will be a notification of necessity of spending time on certain activities, if users are low in that time period.

Yes, the daily fixation of time costs requires the users effort and self-discipline. But this is the only way to understand for what that irreplaceable resource -time- ACTUALLY is being spent. The application gives users the necessary information in order to change their lives and helps them to exclude unnecessary time wastes from their daily schedule and finding room for what is truly important to them.

JupiterTimeLogger App development is now in progress. We’d like to receive your advices and wishes to take it into consideration. Please e-mail us Time.Management@outlook.com

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